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Oral Storytelling Program Development Workshop

This seven week (21 hours) Oral Storytelling Program Development Workshop was specifically designed for professionals and non-professionals (artists, business promoters, caregivers, environmentalists, group leaders, health care workers, historians, librarians, newcomers, public speakers, storytellers, students, teachers, tour guides, writers, and so on) wanting to enhance their storytelling stories and skills by designing and honing practical half-hour storytelling programs and presentations.

Oral Storytelling Program Development Workshops were offered to nine participants at a time.

Details about my qualifications as the workshop facilitator can be found on the teller and curriculum vitae pages.


This workshop structure, using criteria developed to identify and evaluate storytelling goals, was based on ideas and experiences adapted from three years of writing fiction workshops required for my writing degree, as well as from my formal training in teaching, and from my storytelling background.